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All Posts by Brian Berni

Hemingway Editor Review: Worth it?

PriceExcellent. Nearly all features are available in the free version.Ease of UseExtremely intuitive and the use of color-coding make it super-easy to understand EffectivenessGreat, but not as thorough as other options like ProWriting Aid SupportInstructions are very brief. You can email support if you are really struggling. We LikeYou can use the tool and access […]

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How to Become a Book Editor

If you’re a writer and a lover of books, at some point you may have thought about combining your two loves and becoming a book editor. This is a very good career choice with a lot of different options available to you. Many published authors also become book editors because they’ve written enough books to know […]

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Book Brush Social Media & Ad Image Creator: Does It Live Up to the Hype?

PriceExcellent. Cheap and has a great free planEase of UseExtremely intuitive. If you can drag and drop, you can use BookBrush! EffectivenessThe graphics it lets you create look polished and pro. SupportGreat FB group and community are there to help.  We LikeSimple and intuitiveA suite of cool featuresCommunity supportSaves time! We Don’t LikeNot an ‘all-in-one’ […]

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Best Tablets for Writers: How to Find the Perfect Tablet for On-the-Go Writing

The tablet market hasn’t seen as much love as the smartphones and laptops. This had led to a few people predicting that the tablet market is dead! But, just because there haven’t been any massive innovations in the tablet market doesn’t make them any less useful. Tablets are incredibly portable and let you take your writing […]

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KDP Rocket Review & Walkthrough

You’ve spent months working on your book.You’ve done extensive research. Improved your craft. Committed to a daily word count and hit your goals.But then, once your masterpiece is complete… crickets 🙁See, a lot of authors make the mistake of writing a book, then trying to find readers and buyers. Sometimes the stars will align and […]

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