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All Posts by Brian Berni

Instagram for Writers: How Authors Can Use Instagram to Grow Their Audience, Make Money, and (Maybe) Become Famous

Instagram is one of the hottest social media networks out there, but most writers look past its potential or don’t know how to use it effectively.   Since you’re a writer, social media is probably something you’re wary of. Sitting down to write is hard enough without the seductive pull of social media. Still, when used […]

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Writing Your First Novel: 20+ Mistakes To Avoid Like the Plague!

 Ok, you’ve decided you’ve read enough about writing your first novel and you’re finally going to undertake this monumental task: you’ll finally cross “Writing your first Novel” off your bucket list. ​ You’ve got your workspace setup, Scrivener installed on your laptop, your keyboard is ready to go, you’ve beaten writer’s block (for the day).   But this time, […]

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How to Make an Audiobook: The Beginner’s Guide to Creating, Publishing, and Selling Your Audiobook

So many writers get scared when thinking about how to make an audiobook. It’s a lot of additional work. I hate my own voice. I just don’t have the time. There are all kinds of excuses that can stop you in your tracks.Luckily, for author’s today self-publishing an audiobook is as easy as self-publishing a […]

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