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How to Get Paid to Write as a Complete Beginner

Look, I get it. We all need money. And when you’re starting out as a writer, you definitely need a budget to work with. Maybe you’re writing your first non-fiction book, or maybe you’re trying your hands at being a first-time novelist. But while you’re working on your masterpiece, you still need food and shelter 🙂 […]

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Writing Your First Novel: 20+ Mistakes To Avoid Like the Plague!

 Ok, you’ve decided you’ve read enough about writing your first novel and you’re finally going to undertake this monumental task: you’ll finally cross “Writing your first Novel” off your bucket list. ​ You’ve got your workspace setup, Scrivener installed on your laptop, your keyboard is ready to go, you’ve beaten writer’s block (for the day).   But this time, […]

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